Chin Reduction 10 Years Ago, and Then Plate Removal. Still Feel Tightness?

I had vertical chin reduction around 10 years ago and I always have the tight tissue/muscle feeling at the upper to middle area at the front area of my chin. Doctor suggested me to do one more surgery to remove the plate. Finally around two years ago the plate was removed , then the feeling is better, but there is still always a tight "gum" feeling of that chin front area. Doctor told me that this rarely happens but for very few % of the people would have extra tissues issue after recovery.

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Tight Chin

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If you have scarring on the inside of your mouth from the surgeries, it may create the sensation of tightness in your gum area. You should ask if the scar could be treated either with laser or excision and/or steroid injections to improve the scarring. 


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