Is It Safe to Have Breast Reduction and Butt Implant Done at the Same Time?

A plastic surgeon told me he could perform breast reduction and butt implant combine at the same time. He said he did them together before and for recovery he will have me lay on my back with pillows under my legs and lower back to take pressure off the insision on my butt. Is it safe for me to do it? I would like other surgeons opinion Thank you

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Buttock implants

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Yes it is possible to have both procedures done at the same time.  However, take my advice on this; do not have buttock implants placed!  It is a major loser of an operation with nothing but trouble associated with it.  If someone recommends buttock,implants, take my advice, run like hell!

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Breast and buttock procedures safe at the same time.

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It's safe to undergo a buttock augmentation and a breast procedure at the same time. The only true limitation with buttock augmentation is sitting. You can still lay on your back or sides in bed.

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