What Procedures Could Help Correct my Asymmetrical Chubby Cheeks? (photo)

I am a 20 year old slim female who has always had asymmetrical chubby cheeks and was wondering what procedures could slim my cheeks and help balance my face? I would ideally want a more sculpted/contoured look. I've had 2 consultations for buccal fat removal but am afraid the procedure might not give me the longterm results I want & will make my face look gaunt, which I do not want.One suggested I get bfm & also get fat grating to give my face a natural sculpted look. would this be a good way?

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What Procedures Could Help Correct my Asymmetrical Chubby Cheeks?

Yes fat grafting to the slimmer side would br my choice. If you have ANY fat for transfer? Best to seek more in person evaluations. 

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Cheek asymmetry

 We do not recommend fat injections to the cheek for  multiple reasons. The fat grafting take rate is very inconsistent  and variable.  People who've gained weight after facial fat injections preferentially gain more volume in the face due to the extra fat cells present. For best results we recommend a unilateral cheek implant to the hypoplastic side to match the higher, fuller side.

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Asymmetrical Chubby Cheeks

It is difficult to see your cheeks and eyelid margins with the pictures submitted but fat grafting or cheek implants can provide the desired projection and definition. I rarely recommend buccal fat removal because this can cause a gaunt appearance later in life when we loose facial volume as part of the aging process. I need to see more pictures.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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