Anyone Knows About Fat Freeze? Like Body Fat Freeze Ect. Heard It Works Better Than Liposuction?

Initial touch up was done years ago - not doing anything major. Had five surgeries (oral) after the crowns got infected. It was pretty serious. Had retreatment root canal, stitches ect... Also want to thank my Kaiser doc for wiping off varicose veins. Amazing results! I was only wondering about fat freeze. I eat like a horse after I workout - cant help it!

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Fat Freeze Works Better than Liposuction

    These technologies offer only very modest improvement, and liposuction still remains the most effective solution.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Fat Freeze (Zeltiq Coolsculpt) vs. Fat Heat with Ultrasound (Liposonix)

The two FDA-approved non-invasive medical devices for localized fat pad reduction are Coolsculpt Zeltiq and Liposonix. Zeltiq utilizes freeze technology with skin and associated fat pads are suctioned and frozen whereas Liposonix utilizes high intensity high fluence ultrasound to permanently destruct fat cells one inch beneath the skin. While both modalities have been shown to be helpful, Liposonix is more conducive to body contouring with less likelihood of demarcation of treated and untreated areas. However, for definitely localized fat pad removal, SmartLipo Tumescent Liposuction remains the gold standard.

William Ting, MD
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Fat Freezing

  • Fat Freezing is done by Zeltiq or similar machines. They apply icy temperatures to a fat body area, usually the tummy roll.
  • Done in the office, it takes an hour and you need at least six treatments
  • Fat does not return seem to return in the medium term, ie 6-9 months
  • Like liposuction, it does not decrease body weight or control weight gain.

It was fashionable in 2010. I think it has become a spa procedure.

Liposuction is the preferred procedure: faster, more effective and treats all areas at once. 

If you are famished after working out, you may need the food.

I used to ice skate 10 hours a week. I ate like a hog and looked like a ballerina.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Fat freezing

I think you are referring to the fat freezing of the product by Zeltiq.. It is thought to improve the area treated by about 20%.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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