Common to Experience Asymmetry in with an Upper Lip Lift Procedure During Healing?

My upper lip lift surgery was performed only 3 days ago, but my swelling is going down now & I see asymmetry where my right upper lip is higher than my left upper lip in how it was pulled up w/stitches. This makes my mouth look off kilter w/how my nostrils line up. My mouth tilts to one side by about 1/4". The cupid's bow is about 1/4" to the right of the center of my nostrils. When I woke from surgery before swelling began, I could see the same asymmetry, but nurse said not to worry.

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Early Subnasal Lip Lift Results

At just 3 days after surgery, your final lip shape is far from being evident particilarly in regards to symmetry. This is an issue that must wait a full three months after surgery before giving it a critical review.

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