Worried about my rhinoplasty result. (photos)

I had closed hump removal surgery 5 days ago. I'm worried about my results. The doctor said my case was easy & he'd easily be able to give me a straight nose.Directly after the surgery I stroked my nose and felt that the bump was still there. I then saw it and could still see it as much as i ever could. I don't think it was swollen yet. The bandages came off & I was right, my hump is still there, if a bit obscured by the swelling. When can I get this corrected? The hump is clearly still there.

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Remaining bump

Thank you for your question and I'm sorry you're having concerns with your surgery. There may be a slight remaining bump. It is however way too early to judge the outcome. Typically, I tell patients it takes on average a year for the nose to look like it should. You're describing a pretty conservative procedure, but that still needs at least 6 months of healing and skin tightening before you can judge the result. If the bump still remains, it should be fairly straightforward to touch up. An examination would be required to determine if it's mainly bony,  cartilaginous, or both. Using endonasal approach, any of these can be addressed. Have patience and good luck!

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Worried about my rhinoplasty result.

Hello Irish Rose - Thanks for your question.  At 5 days after surgery, you are a peak swelling.  I am amazed that your surgeon removed your tapes and splint/cast this early.  Most surgeon wait 7 days.  You will need to perform nightly taping and soft tissue massage to settle down the skin of the bridge.  I would wait a minimum of 6 months before you entertain a touch up procedure.  The ideal is to wait 12 months.  With swelling and the lack of early skin retraction, it can look like a hump is partially still there.  Just be patient. It would be good to come back onto RealSelf.com in 6 months and post your profile pic for comparison for more assistance from the surgeons here. Good luck, Dr. Shah

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Residual hump

Yes you have a residual hump present; this will require correction; if it is bony it can be easily rasped under local anesthetic solution; if it is cartilaginous, it will require formal revision with general anesthesia.

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Post Rhinoplasty Concerns

Dear Irish rose, I do see a residual bump in the nose as well as some swelling which is to be expected this early in the recovery phase. An in office examination with your surgeon will determine the next course of action and he/she can discuss your options with you. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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It the photos, there is a residual hump, but also some swelling. You need to contact your surgeon and discuss the next step, as most of the surgeons, would like to wait until all the swelling is gone to have a better idea about the size of the hump, some others like to do the revision as soon as possible to decrease the  recovery time of an additional surgery.

Juan Carlos Fuentes, MD
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