Since three weeks ago I been experiencing pain in my left upper breast the pain is sharp and occurs only at times what can it be

I got my Breast Augmentation done 2 years ago Saline under the muscle. Been checking my breast for any changes but they have remained the same. Also I believe the pain started because my boyfruend grabbed my breast too hard.

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Pain after Breast Augmentation

Most likely this is nerve pain.  Small sensory nerves that are affected during Breast Augmentation begin to heal and give off sharp sensations which typically are felt on and off for months.

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Breast pain after BA

Best advice is to follow up with your surgeon for a re evaluation. After examining you, they should be able to explain what is going on to account for your pain.

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Sharp pain in breast

Thank you for your question. It is hard to tell you exactly what it could be with no examination, I suggest going in for one for the most accurate results and procedures to feel better. Good luck.

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Pain in breast

Thank you for your question.There are many reasons why you could be experiencing this pain, it could just be nerve pain as a result of being grabbed but it is best to get it checked out properly by your doctor.I hope it settles soon for you.

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