Vertical Sleeve Gasyrectomy vs Laproscopic Gastric Plication?

Hello, I'm new here and considering wls. Particularly, vsg or lpg. Vsg is a perm option. My two concern are: 1. Getting my full nutrients... Aside from vitamins forever. 2. Which surgeons are experienced w/larger bougies? As for lgp.... I'd like to ask lots of questions. But I feel most safe with this option because my stomach is in tact. Meaning, I can still full absorb all nutrients. I also appreciate that this can be reversible if needed. Thank you in advance for your support.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy versus Gastric Plication

The sleeve gastrectomy is the best and most commonly performed procedure in the USA currently.  The laparoscopic gastric plication was an experimental procedure that quickly fell out of favor due to poor results and complications.  If you went to a surgeon that recommended gastric plication I would seek out a new surgeon.  The sleeve gastrectomy is not a malabsorptive operation and the risk of vitamin deficiencies is very low.  Surgeons uses various bougie sizes from 32 to 40 french.  It is most important to seek out a very experienced bariatric surgeon with a large experiences to obtain the best results. And yes the sleeve gastrectomy is not reversible.

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Hello, SVG vs GPlicature

Hi, SG is an excellent option, proved and has better results in weight loss and comorbidities, the gastric plicature have good results but only in lower bmi. Is necessary more information about you, like your bmi, height and weight, diseases or sickness history, know why do you think that make you gain weight? Quantity? quality of your food? if you are a sweet lover? before answer complete this question.
Gastric plicature, the only advantage is that preserve the stomach, and a little less risk of leaks. It has less nutritional supplements requirements but the weight regain rate is higher. G Sleeve remove the fundus of the stomach that produce a hormone named Ghreline how make you feel hungry, so when we removed it will help you to lose weight.
In our practice we only do gastric plicature in some patients with type 1 obesity (bmi 32 -35) and without any other condition related to obesity
If you qualify for bariatric surgery, you shouldn’t be thinking about reverse or going back…obesity is a disease that you have to fight and beat as hard as you can always by the correct and healthy way. The key in all cases is to do exercise, learn to eat healthy and with quality, and always remember that bariatric surgery is just a tool to lose weight not the solution that is to change what you are doing now.
God bless you

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Sleeve Gastrectomy vs Gastric Plication

Ithink you may be a little confused.  Neither the sleeve nor the gastric plication affect absorption of nutrients or vitamins.  These are restrictive procedures that change the capacity of your stomach.  In the USA e are not doing as many plication.  Do not get the gastric plication, you may not be as happy long term.  If your BMI is less than 50, you should consider the sleeve gastrectomy.  The sleeve is a safe procedure with good weight loss profile.  The sleeve will not affect vitamins or nutrients.  To find an experience bariatric surgeon in your area, go to the ASMBS (American Society of Metabolic And Obesity Surgery) website   As far as bougie size is concerned, most experience bariatric surgeons (my self included) are using the 40F (French) bougie.  The 40F is the larger bougie, this bougie size does gives you as good weight loss as the smaller ones without the complications of leakage or stricture.  

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The stomach does not absorb nutrients - it produces some factors to help B12 but it is not lost in removal of part of the stomach. People can live without stomachs quite well, and do often. VSG has proven to be a durable weight loss

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Sleeve gastrectomy vs gastric plication

Effective weight loss surgery changes hormones that control hunger, appetite, metabolism... these surgeries are called metabolic surgery and sleeve gastrectomy is one of them. Gastric plication is a purely restrictive procedure that does not change the hormones that control your weight and metabolism. As a result, gastric plication does not result in durable weight loss and will eventually fail. Gastric plication is not considered a mainstream surgery and is still experimental with very little enthusiasm about it in the bariatric community. 
As far as absorption goes, gastric sleeve is associated with decreased overall mineral and vitamin absorption for several reasons. First, you don't eat enough food to get all the vitamins and minerals you need. Gastric sleeve increases gastrointestinal motility and possibly leads to decreased absorption of vitamins and minerals especially in the first portion of the intestine called duodenum. Gastric sleeve reduces gastric acid and other factors secretion leading to changes in absorption. For these reason, you need to supplement your diet with a multivitamin after surgery. Hope this helps. Best, Dr. Darido

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