What type of labiaplasty revision would help me or is this not fixable? (Photos)

Wedge labiaplasty has not worked for me, I don't understand the specifics and thought I had made the right choice BUT my vagina now feels like it is positioned back to front and my clitoris is covered - how exactly could this be fixed? It feels unnatural and tight - pulled down, which I never had before and never wanted! The skin which was there is gone in the middle so how could the tension ever go back to normal?

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Labiaplasty revision possible?

This is not an uncommon concern after "wedge labiaplasty". The good news is, frequently a revision to unhood the clitoris and/or release the taught wedge can significantly reverse the problem. Keep in mind that a physical exam is first always necessary before recommending any surgery  Glad to help. 

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I just answered this question on the phone. Maybe it was you?

Your clitoral hood needs to be released and the labial edges need to be revised completely. It's an expert-level revision. The original wedge scar needs to be released down to it's base, the clitoral hood edges need to be rotated anteriorly and the labial edges need to be butterflied and advanced. At worst, you'll have a Barbie labiaplasty with a normally positioned hood. You won't find these repairs anywhere on the internet and most surgeons have never seen them except for those whom I have trained. I would not recommend this type of repair if you are a cigarette smoker.

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Revision of wedge labiaplasty

Given your pre-op appearance, a V-Y wedge modification was a quite reasonable choice. Unfortunately, either secondary to inadequate internal "scaffolding" or healing difficulties, you appear to have defects in the suture line. I would advise you to wait until ~ 3 months post-op, when "what you see is what you get," and book a consultation with 2 or 3 very experienced labial aesthetic surgeons who specialize in this work and have revision experience and get their opinion. Uncovering your clitoral glans may be accomplished via a simple but carefully performed central clitoral hood separation. While there are different possibilities for  revising the irregularity of the labial healing, from your present photos and the fact that we don't know how many weeks/months post-op you are, I cannot comment. A "resurfacing" or a small re-wedge might give a more aesthetic appearance, but I'd counsel you to wait until 5-6 months post-op for this work.

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What are my options now after wedge labiaplasty?

Hello Clarerose,

I can appreciate the amount of tension there is when comparing your current photo with your preop. You are correct too much tissue was excised thus creating excess tension and the hood to be stretched over your clitoris. Your best option is time...with time the tissues will relax and hopefully the unnatural sensation goes away.

The irregularities on the sides of the remaining labia can be revised so as to smooth them out. This can be done as an in-office procedure once you're swelling has gone down, typically 4-6 months postop.

Best of luck,

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Revision of labiaplasty

In our practice we would suggest waiting 4-6 months before any revision. That allows all swelling to disappear and for you to see the actual final result. Get a second opinion from an experienced labiaplasty surgeon who performs both wedge and trim labiaplasties. 

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Difficult to tell


From your images it is difficult to tell what is going on. It is not uncommon to feel a bit tightened after a wedge procedure which usually sorts it self out in a few weeks to a month depending upon the exact technique. We all do these operations a bit differently. I would let things heal and improve for a few months before rushing to do anything unless something is really awry. What is your surgeon saying?

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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When considering revisions on labaiplasty

you really have to decide on what you are wanting here... your labia are certainly no longer excessive and your clitoris is hooded a little more.  Once you decide on what is desired, then options can be considered.  All the other stuff others have mentioned will produce a result what they think is right... but that really is your decision.  If you're wanting to do labia revisions, waiting 6 months is a good idea.  If you just want hood work done, you don't have to wait.

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Thank you for your photos.  In my opinion your surgeon took a bit too much skin.  This will require a revision and reconstruction by a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in labiaplasty revisions and reconstructions.  The clitoral hood can be revised as well.

John G. Hunter, MD
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Clitoral hood procedure

You should consider doing a clitoral hood procedure that decreases the amount of foreskin covering the clitoris. This could increase the stimulation to your clitoris without excessice irritation when performed correctly.

Robert L. True, MD
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Labiaplasty Revision

Thank you for sharing and we really do appreciate you having a pre op pic to compare to.

First and foremost time is your friend.  I would wait another few months prior to attempting a revision type procedure as this may give enough time for the tissue to relax and decrease the tension and/or pulling you're experiencing. 

If you're still experiencing the pulling and tightness around your clitoris then a revision would be an option to release and relax the clitoral hood area. 

Best of luck and keep your surgeon informed of your concerns.

David Ghozland, MD
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