What type of imaging is the "full body scan" did Yolana Foster have done to detect migrated silicone?

It's my understanding that an MRI using Siemens equipment with a breast coil & no contrast is the most accurate way of imaging silicone in the body. Is a full body scan a head to toe MRI?? Would the cost not be astronomical? Is it even possible to remove material that has migrated deep into the body? Is there any possibility that Yolanda Foster may have human adjudivant disease rather than tick borne illness?

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Extra-capsular Silicone

Hello,There is no need to scan the body for silicone, in the rare chance of extra capsular silicone gel leakage, as it is not toxic or poisonous, and it will not cause disease. Most commonly, small amounts of silicone gel can be found in lymph nodes around the breast or in the axilla.Unfortunately, celebrities can get things that are not in their best interest, and that may be the case for Yolanda. The medical community is adversely influenced by them, and it can have profound negative effects on their lives.  If these celebrities were treated like normal people by their doctors they would still be alive today: Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Prince. (The list is actually much longer.) So, a good rule of thumb is don't do what a celebrity does.Best of luck!

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