What type of filler would help my jowls and lift my cheeks? (Photos)

I got the co2 laser two months ago for pitted acne scars and I am regretting it. I got what was a mixto laser; co2, sculptra, and subcision. I saved all my money and spent 4K on this procedure. I feel like it melted my face. :( I used to have a beautiful heart shaped face that made me stand out. Now my face is wilted. I feel like I need a facelift and I'm only 30. I would keep my scars if I could have my old face back :(

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Lifting the cheeks and jowls

Hi Annamya,At this point I would use Radiesse in the lateral face, in front of your ear area and along the lower part of your face to help with the hollowing areas to help give you more immediate lift of the cheeks and jowls. What I love about Radiesse, similar to Sculptra, is that you are building collagen. Since you have already had Sculptra, I would continue to get at least 3 treatments of Sculptra at least 6 weeks apart to ensure that it is giving you its full effect.  I can see that you still have that beautiful shape. You want to preserve your beautiful heart shape face so make sure they don't overfill you jowl area.

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