Is it true that "The Perfect Peel" is cancer-causing?

I googled how safe the chemicals are on the skin and came across some articles stating that "The Perfect Peel" can cause cancer due to the TCA in them. What chemicals are exactly in this specific peel? And are there alternatives for hyper-pigmentation (from old acne, not to be mistaken with acne scars)? I can upload a photo if that helps. Thanks!

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TCA carcinogen - lacks evidence. Laser/skincare/peels/microneedling + PRP for hyperpigmentation

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TCA lacks evidence as a causation for cancer. But there are many additional options for hyperpigmentation including: lasers, skin care, non-TCA peels, and sun protection. I suggest posting photos and seeing an expert in lasers and hyperpigmentation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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