I'm getting MiXto treatment soon. If there are still scars visible, is it possible to have fillers or TCA cross?

I have acne scars and will get the mixto laser soon..if there are still some scars visible is it possible to get some kind of fillers or tca cross method? I would like to know who performs both treatments

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Mixto plus other treatments for acne scars

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Collagen development from the MIXTO peaks at 6-12 weeks. If you have an event, you could get additional fillers at 1 month but may consider waiting 90 days to see what your maximal benefit of MIXTO is.

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Thank you for your question. Do your laser treatment first, then do fillers 1-2 moonths after you have healed. I hope this helps!

Mixto for acne scars

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mixto for acne scars
you will still probably have some scarring..  one thing to consider will be RF treatment with ELOS machine or similar..  these seem to enhance resurfacing.
you will need more than one treatment in my opinion and probalby a course of treatments to get the best result

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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