Can traditional porcelain veneers be replaced with prepless veneers?

Hi , I'm only 24 years old and I just got 4 porcelain veneers to correct the small size difference between my teeth how ever I'm totally freaking out now because I've found out that when they need to be redone they have to drill my teeth again and my teeth were very small to begin with. I was wondering can traditional porcelain veneers be replaced with prepless veneers in the future, so I don't have to lose more teeth. Also my teeth are aligned and there is no problem of that matter.

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Teeth are already prepared

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If you have conventional veneers, your teeth have already been prepared and could not have the prepless technique used.  They could be replaced when the time comes with new conventional veneers.
Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, TX area

Traditional veneers

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Your veneers cannot be replaced with prep less veneers due to the different preparation of the teeth involved. However replacement of the existing veneers is a fairly simple process. With the use of most state of the art advanced techniques the veneers can be removed easily and replaced. All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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Replacing Veneers

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You cannot replace traditional veneers with prepless veneers.  They will always be traditional veneers, but can be replaced when needed.  Good luck.

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Previous dental treatment dictates future care

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If the initial set of veneers were conservative or prep-less, then the next set can be similar.  If the first set was done with very aggressive preparation of enamel, then the next set will be similar or more (it won't grow back).  If your teeth were small to begin with, it is likely/possible that very little enamel was altered.  Removal of veneers in a skilled, trained, and experienced dental office may not require much or ANY additional removal of tooth structure (microscopically, certainly, but to the naked eye, not really).  I wouldn't worry about future treatment.

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Hello there,
With traditional porcelain veneers, the tooth is prepared before the veneer is made.  This means that veneers are not reversible. You can remove them to redo them (again with traditional veneers, not prepless) but cannot remove them and do nothing. The process of replacing veneer(s) is not uncommon and not very difficult. It involves removal of the veneer, minimal re contouring of the tooth surface if necessary, new impression and fabrication of your temporary veneer. The last step would be permanently bonding your new veneer(s).  There's no need to worry about this. Enjoy your new smile! Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
St. Louis, MO area (O'Fallon, IL)
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