Thin patient, want a BBL with own body fat. Are my goals achievable? Not with implants! (Photos)

Hi, Im 5'7 & 143 Ibs & I do regularly workout. These pictures are taken after I gained ~6 Ibs. I used to have a nice butt from really strenuous training but my knees can't take it anymore. Had an appointment with a PS who told me that he could harvest 1000-1500cc from back, flanks & belly & use ~ 800 cc in total for the enlargement of the butt. Hourglass-like body with a projection that fits my body are my goals. Tell me please, do I have realistic goals based on the pictures uploaded?

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By looking at your goal photos, you may not get such a small waist, but I think the buttocks will have a very close result from the procedure. I may suggest to take a small amount of fat from the inner area of your thighs, to get a little more fat.

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Setting appropriate expectations

Setting appropriate expectations is critical in maintaining long-term patient satisfaction.

You will not be able to obtain results as good as the pictures you have shown.

For one your hair and waste in regards to your musculoskeletal structure is not as narrow as the one in the picture.

This means if you had no body fat your waist will not be as narrow as the one in the picture.

I think it's possible to harvest 1000 mL of fat if the surgeon can do liposuction and all of those areas and do it well.

Someone with great experience and willing Ness and confidence to do aggressive liposuction can probably get enough fat to do a competent BBL.

Even with grafting close to 1000 mL of fat he will not obtain enough volume to achieve the results shown in your desired pictures.

In order to obtain that true shape and size you would need close to 1000 mL of long-term survivable fat.this would be hard-pressed even with an unlimited amount of fat available for grafting.

Grafting 800 mL of fat will give you 400 mL per side.

Of this 50% will survive long term.

This will give you a 200 mL enhancement per side.

200 mL is just slightly under one cup.

200 mL of volume spread over the size of one gluteal cheek is not a significant enhancement.

Since you are somewhat thin it will help but in order to get a great BBL it would be nice to have at least double that amount of fat.

You will most likely have a very noticeable and nice improvement from well done liposuction with a BBL but you will not obtain results as good as the one in the picture.

You may want to ask your plastic surgeon to show pictures of previous patients with similar body shapes and contours as your own and see what the results look like.


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Small BBL

It's worth trying to do the lipo and using whatever fat your PS is able to obtain to inject, because it will give you a nice result.  Hard to say exactly how much, of course.  After your fat grafting has taken (3-6 months) if you still need more volume then I know some surgeons who are injecting Sculptra into the buttocks when there is no more fat to take.  I agree - don't get implants.

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