Thermage eyebrows hair loss. Is this permanent damage?

Hi - I had Thermage about 2 1/2 months ago and recently I begin to feel the positive affects on my face (fuller and smoother skin). HOWEVER, I also started to feel some itches on my eyebrows and noticed hair loss especially around the tip and end sections. Please let me know if this is a permanent damage? Why would this happened. Thanks so much for any advice.

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Hair Loss and Thermage

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Thermage is a great anti-aging tool to produce new collagen and produce skin tightening. Thermage cannot cause hair loss months later.  i would consult a board certified dermatologist to consider endocrine reasons for this hair loss.  Best, Dr. Green

Thermage and Hair Loss

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Thermage has no ability to cause hair loss and if it did cause loss it would have been immediately due to burn of the top skin and the hair would then regrow 3-6 months later.  if you are losing hair, consider PRP/progesterone injections and latisse.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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