What is the ideal? I've been getting Botox injections to slim the masseter muscles consistently for 2 years.

Overall, I really like the effect. My question is, at what point does the face become too tapered and appear abnormal and not in harmony with other facial features, especially for a male? If Botox is used to slim the masseter muscles and is done too excessively, could this cause facial imbalance? Any tips on on how to achieve maximal facial slimming but avoid an excessively tapered face?

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Masseter Muscle and Botox

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The effects of Botox differ in every patient. Although rare, there are reports of permanent atrophy of muscles from Botox injections. If you like what you see, you should be very conservative in the future. Yes, Botox can potentially cause atrophy and a facial imbalance.

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Jaw Slimming with Botox

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Hi Mfan.  The ideal is whatever you like.  Using more or less Botox (or Dysport) may allow you to change the shape of the jaw and changing the recipe (number of visits per year, does at each visit) will allow you to arrive at a profile that aligns with what you find agreeable.

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