Terrible wrinkles one month post revision upper blepharoplasty. What went wrong & how can it be made right? (Photo)

I had an initial upper blepharoplasty in September 2014. Returned to same surgeon for a small revision. I just had a slight droop on upper lids. Left surgery with black eyes swollen nearly shut. A month later I look like I have 100 year old elephant eyes! As the swelling decreases the wrinkles increase. Dr. told me I bled a LOT & that when he'd 'zap' me shut I'd bleed again. Should he have stopped the surgery? What now? Any advice or experience is appreciated. Thank you.

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Allow tissue healing before considering revisional eyelid surgery

Best to give it more time for more tissue healing.  You should give it at least 3 months from the last surgery before evaluating.  Revisional surgery (or sometimes injectable treatment) can help at that time. See an oculoplastic specialist.

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You need to find an emotional place of stability where you can heal.

Bruising is very tough on the healing process.  It can actually interfere with the outcome.  I do not think that is the issue here.  The good news that you surgeon it not remove every bit of skin from your eyelid.  I suspect you need more healing and yes, you may need revisional surgery.  I do not think that that massage of the upper eyelids has any value here and can cause ptosis.  You need to heal at least a couple of more months to sort out what is swelling and what are issues that will need to be fixed with revisional surgery.  At that point it will be useful to decide if you have confidence in your surgeon or need to seek second opinions.

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Post op upper blepharoplasty

Hello PerlaParkAve-
I would wait about 6 months to allow most of the swelling to improve and then revisit with your surgeon and get 1-2 second opinions. Upper blepharoplasties do not usually bleed much, but it appears that you also had a nasal surgery that does tend to create bruising that extends to upper eyelids. Be patient and give it time. 
Good luck. 

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Blepharoplasty: post operative healing and wrinkles

blepharoplasty: post operative healing and wrinkles
Its not clear  why you have these wrinkles.I can only make judgement from these photos  I would allow time for healing,,  massage,, maybe some 5fu.   Time for healing right now.

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Terrible wrinkles one month post blepharoplasty

Thank you for your post. Try not to worry. You are still in the healing phase. If the wrinkling persists, the eyelids can be revised. Please continue to see your surgeon for follow-up.

William McClure, MD
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Post ul bleph wrinkling

Unusual wrinkling after a surgery.  If you bled a lot, you would normally have a lot of bruising post-op but otherwise should heal okay.  May have some residual swelling which is creating this wrinkling.  Also - would be helpful to see the pre-op pictures.  Was a lot of fat removed from the lids?  At this point you need to give it more time to heal.  I would recommend warm compresses and some massage to flatten it out.    

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Wrinkles after blepharoplasty

To give you a better answer I will need to see you photos before the first operation and immediately before the second operation. The good news is that you upper lid itself looks normal, has normal contour and is in a good position, I can see a well defined crease, everything else is relatively easier to fix. It is not uncommon to have residual swelling in the lid even 4 weeks after surgery especially in a redo operation. The wrinkles you are referring to are in the upper lid fold, the area where we normally removed excess skin. Its hard to tell whats going on with out examining that area. I would let it settle down for another 4 weeks and see your plastic surgeon for follow up to determine if more skin needs to be removed. Hope this helps.

Mohammed Alghoul, MD
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