Terrible Breast Surgery, Can Nipples Be Fixed? (photo)

Over 5 years ago a doctor cut around my nipples and did a lift, then put implants in. The breast right away started to look crazy, the nipples are two different sizes, face different directions, have huge dents under them. The right breast is capsulated. I am just now looking into a revision and I am wondering if the nipples Areolas can be recut /trimmed/down sized ?

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Terrible Breast Surgery, Can Nipples Be Fixed? (photo)

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Yes I recommend Riggotomies and fat grafting in a series of operations to correct the indentations and volume deficiencies.. as for N/A location this can be finalize after size symmetry is obtained. 

Complex situation

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Hi.  Sorry to hear about your difficult breast problem.  The good news is that many times these can be improved significantly.  The bad news is, it isn't always easy or inexpensive or just a one-step operation.

Fat grafting and scar release is an option, as mentioned earlier.

For complex problems like this, you need an in-person consultation.  Make sure you see a PS who does a lot of secondary breast surgery & revisions.

Revision Breast Augmentation Breast Lift San Diego (photos)

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You've been living with this problem for some time, and deserve proper evaluation to establish diagnoses of existing problems.  Treatment recommendations rest upon the foundation of diagnosis.  Thorough history, skilled physical examination, and sometimes laboratory tests and radiographs (X-ray and/or other imaging studies) provide information that is synthesized to develop a differential diagnosis of each issue.  From these diagnoses, primary and secondary approaches to solve each problem are considered, and should be discussed with you in planning your secondary procedure.  This sequence of events best takes place in the forum of your chosen plastic surgeon's office.  Your situation is complex, and deserves traditional due consideration as described.

Breast issues with areola puckering

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I think that you need to be examined in person to see what is holding up your tissue in the lower pole.  Other issues need to be discussed in terms of healing from your previous surgery as well. 

Revision breast surgery requires special expertise

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The photos appear to show a scar contracture from the skin all the way to the capsule arouind the implant, which is more difficult to correct than a simple scar revision. This is sometimes associated with capsular contracture, so if the right breast is also more firm then that will have to be treated as well. Often the is a lack of tissue to fill in the area where the scar was after it is released, and something like Strattice can be useful, and possibly fat grafting..

Internal Scarring

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Thank you for your photos.  You have severe scarring around your nipple areolar complex and lower breast.  Your breast can be made more even by releasing the scars and capsule removed and use of different site for the implant. 

Dr. ES

Scar contracture after a breast lift and augmentation

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It appears that your scar at the base of the areola has contracted down and pulled the scar down toward the implant capsule.  This may be corrected with a simple procedure to release the scar band and suture the subcutaneous tissue of the breast to fill the inverted zone.  

Breast Augmentation Complications

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I am sorry you have not had a complication free and satisfying result after your augmentation and lift. There are a few different paths you can take to address the problems and achieve a good result. What's important to know is the nature of each of the issues you have. Once that has been established, it will make sense what needs to be done to fix them in the most effective way.

If you have lost confidence with your doctor, or he is not well reputed to be a breast revision specialist, then you should see a few people who are.  

In the right hands, you will eventually get a good result, one that will restore your confidence about your self-appearance, and hopefully make you very happy!

Best of luck!

Fixing Previous Surgery

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   Yes, all of those things can be remedied.  I am sorry that you have had those problems.  There is some tethering to the underlying tissue on the right and the areolae can probably be made smaller as well.  The capsular contracture can occur in anyone.  Just find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who does hundreds of breast augmentations and revisions each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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