Temporary dental crown before permanent crowns. Prosthodontics wisdom please.

I have temporary crown on some of my teeth Unfortunately, before I could have the permanent crowns placed, the dentist died I found a dentist who says she can complete the work The new dentist removed or one of the crowns and found decay. She said that I will my have decay under all of the current temporaries Question. If the stumps have to be reduced due to decay removal will I need to pay for temporaries again? Or will current temporaries be OK at two I have permanent crowns replaced? Thank you

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Diagnosing decay under temporaries

Perhaps a second opinion?  How long were you wearing the temps?  If merely weeks, it may simply be what some dentists affectionately call "black scuzz".  Chromogenic bacteria gets under the temps, then turn black.  Hydrogen peroxide makes it go away instantly; its not decay.

Or it may be.

I had a patient see another dentist 10 days after I placed a temporary crown.  The other dentist had less experience and convinced the patient there was decay and emailed me photos.  What was shown was NOT decay, and I advised how to fix it.  They insisted otherwise and redid everything (no idea if they charged, but I assume they did).

If you do have decay, you will need new impressions, but maybe not new temporaries.  I would expect a fee of SOME sort.

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