So I had surgery 4 days ago and one of my drains has fallen out and the other is becoming loose. Post op tmrw. Advice on 2 come

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Drain has fallen out.

If your drain has fallen out, you should let your surgeon know about this situation.  In most cases it shouldn't be a major problem, but your surgeon may want to se you sooner than planned.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore.  

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Drain Issues After Tummy Tuck

Drains are placed to prevent fluid from collecting at the operative site. It would not be unusual to remove one of your  drains at the first post operative visit ( depending on the fluid output). In your case this sounds like tomorrow or post op day #5. The fact that one drain fell out today (post op day #4) may not be an issue ,as long as,  the remaining drain can be secured . If there is a "tab" on the collection device of the drain, you can use a safety pin to secure it to your binder or clothing.

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