What supplements can I take to help expedite the healing process?

I'm a bit worried that 3 days off of work after my sx will not be enough? I'm a field nurse and bend a lot and use my arms a lot as well. I'm having the procedure through the axilla.

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What supplements can I take to help expedite the healing process?

Thank you for the question. Unfortunately there are no supplements to help you heal faster. The body heals best if you gave no other underlying co-morbidities such as diabetes also if you don't smoke that also helps. The best thing you can do is to increase your protein intake. As far as recovery most patients take 7-14 days to recover. This best discussed with your board certified plastic surgeon to determine what they prefer. Good luck.

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Post-operative healing

Unfortunately, there is not a supplement on the market that will allow you to heal faster post-operatively. The best advice I can give you is to follow your plastic surgeon's recovery protocol to ensure proper healing. 3 days off of work is not long to recover from surgery so I suggest that you speak with your plastic surgeon about post-operative restrictions and perhaps request additional days off from work. Your body needs time to heal properly; not allowing your body to fully recover can increase change of post-operative complications.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
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Supplements For Healing after Breast Augmentation

There isn't a supplement that will get you to heal faster and back to work sooner. 3 days off work is pushing it. It takes time to heal regardless of what you are ingesting. It is important to sleep on your back and keep your arms near your sides without heavy lifting so the implant pocket heals properly. A hematoma can occur if you don't follow your doctor's activity restrictions, plus you will be quite sore. A multivitamin and Vitamin C can be taken, but this is not going to alter your post-op course.

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Science Says No

Hello,There are no proven supplements, only magical substances that work by placebo and emotion.  The human body can't be 'turbocharged' to work better or faster.  All systems are working at full steam when they are working at all. Eat well, sleep well, avoid alcohol and smoking (anything), and you will heal as fast as possible.If you want to heal as fast as possible, change to an inframammary incision, as this requires the least amount of surgical trauma to place an implant.

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Healing faster

There is presently no known supplement or pill that can accelerate the healing process. Arnica Montana is used by lots of plastic surgeons to maybe lessen the bruising but not necessarily increase the healing. As far as your work, you need to discuss with your plastic surgeon what activities, and what time after surgery they recommend that you can begin repetitive arm movements. I tell our patients to keep their blood pressure and heart rate normal for the first week and try to avoid isotonic contraction of the pectoralis muscle to allow it to heal. Your plastic surgeon may have their own thoughts on this subject. It's good luck with your surgery.

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Recovery Time

In my practice I recommend homeopathic Arnica pellets  to help reduce bruising. Typically, for my patients who have physically active jobs I recommend longer than the usual 1 week off. It sounds as though your intended return to work date may be unrealistic. I recommend that you speak with your Plastic Surgeon about activity restrictions post op.
All the best

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Helpful supplements post op

I am a big fan of Arnica Montana, even though the scientific literature on it is conflicting. I do believe that you need to have it on board well before your surgery, though. I advise my patients to start taking the pills 3-5 days prior to the procedure and then continue on for a week. It decreases the chance for swelling and bruising, which will get you back on your feet faster. There is no magic bullet, however, no substitute for plain old rest during the post operative period. 

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