Any suggestions for improvement? (Photos)

Originally paid for zirconia abutment but my dr. said that the lab didnt feel comfortable using zirconia once the crown was ready so I ended up with titanium.Im unhappy with the results, I've described the mismatched qualities of the tooth to my dr. but he says its all psychological and the implant looks really good.Experts:is there room for improvement & do you have any tips on how the implant can be improved?If I do insist on the zirconia abutment are there alot of complications down the line?

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Zirconia Vs. Titanium Abutment

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It doesn't appear that the problem here is the abutment at all. The problem is the shading of the crown. This problem is rather easily resolved and it is not psychological. I would suggest you tell the doctor that you need to go to the lab for a custom shade. They can easily remove the crown and change the shade to better match your other teeth.

Good luck!

Abutment, implant crown

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Dear id55876:

You are correct.  The tooth is mismatched in color and shape.

Please go back and talk to your dentist.  You should get a results with which you are comfortable. 

A Zircunium abutment is just fine, and so is a properly fabricated titanium.  The issue is the crown itself.  

The brand of the implant has nothing to do with it either.

Best of luck,

Implant abutment

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my first question is what brand of implant do u have? in my practice , i am using nobel biocare in that there is option of milled procera zirconia abutment..

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Room for improvement of my crown.

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It appears that your crown shape (contour) and shade could be improved. If the crown is an Emax crown it may be difficult to block out the darkened abutment. You could use a Zirconia to porcelain crown and with careful lab shading it should be correctable. 

Zirconium abutment, implant crown

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I definitely think the color and contour of the tooth can be improved to match the other side.  I do see a bit of graying effect that should be able to handle better color matching.  


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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Any suggestions for improvement of final appearance of impropriety pant crown?

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The zirconia abutment is porcelain and could fracture in the future as it is not as strong as titanium.  What type of crown was used over the titanium abutment?  The lab should be able to make a crown that matches the shade of your other teeth if the correct material is used over the titanium abutment.  Using a zirconia abutment will eliminate any graying of the gum tissue at the gingival margin and just below the end of the crown.  As long as you are given and sign a written informed consent, you should be allowed to select the type of material for the abutment.  If it should ever fail in the future, you would then be responsible for any  fees to replace it. 

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