Subnasal Lip Lift - Long Term Results and Consequences?

I'm interested in the subnasal lip lift procedure & have been told by 4 different PS's that I am a good candidate; however I've talked to other PS's who stay away from this procedure because of it's unsightly long-term results. They've said that if you have a skin-only lift w/ no modification to the muscle underneath, the skin will eventually stretch back down, taking the incision with it, leaving an unsightly horizontal scar in between your nose and lip. Is this true?

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Lip Lift Long-term Results

Thank you for the great question. When the subnasal lip lift is performed conservatively and proper attention is given to the closure, long term results are excellent. Stretching of the scar should not be an issue if a deep layer of sutures are used to anchor the tissue. Best of luck moving forward!

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