Follow-Up Question: Stretched nipple scars after breast lift. Can this be fixed? What is the price range of fixing this? (photo)

I posted this question before with a different picture. I had my breast lift done march of 2015 and had laser treatments done to reduce scarring as well as steroid shots. They helped but didnt fix the problem as i hoped. Will i be a good canidate for an areola scar revision? What can I expect and WHAT IS THE PRICE RANGE of a procedure like that?

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This is why I prefer the anchor scar

If you only had a periareolar lift, this outcome is expected.  I would recommend converting to a wise pattern (achor) scar with a board certified plastic surgeon.  Everyone wants the round scar... I always discourage it and recommend the anchor instead.

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Periareolar Scaring


It looks like you only have circumareolar scars.  Your breasts look flat and still have ptosis (sag), which supports my assumption of only a circumareolar lift.  In this case, a ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeon that specializes in revision surgery can properly treat you by converting you to a formal mastopexy.  This will likely leave you with fine lined scaring, something much, much more inconspicuous than your current scars. Best of luck!

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Thank you for the additional photos. This is heartbreaking. You need a scar revision with a purse string suture. followed by 6 weeks of taping and 3 months of biocorneum. Forget lasers, they are not your answer.

Cost depends on exam and whether you want this done under local or with general anesthesia but you are looking somewhere around $3000 to $5000 to do this right.

Give us a call if you would like some more information.

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Wide areolar scars


The scars you have can definitely be improved upon.  I think the main problem with your lift was that too much tension was placed around the areola.  The tension on that skin closure caused the scars to stretch out and give you these wide scars you are dealing with today.  I would recommend a scar revision with a peri-areolar blocking suture, or a Benelli suture, that is permanent.  This permanent suture will remain in place and keep the skin from pulling away fromthe areolar edge as it heals.  After the surgery I would follow you carefully to ensure you don't have any scarring issue - adding steroid or silicone measures as needed.  Be sure to find a board certified plastic surgeon to do this, and one who has reviewed your operative report from the previous procedure carefully and made a clear plan to address where things went wrong last time.  Best of luck!!!

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