Straining after Rhinoplasty and scar tissue. Any suggestions?

Hi doctors, On day 7 and day 8 I did some work around the house for about 10 minutes that involved some straining both times. In both instances I did feel my heart rate increase and did sweat for a little. I was tightening the screws on a tv mount and had to push the tv against the wall while tightening but I did no lift the tv. I did not get a nose bleed. Should I be concerned about scar tissue forming + compromising my result? I had rhino 8 days ago dorsal hump reduction and deprojecting tip.

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Straining after rhinoplasty

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Dear Sam12321, You should be relaxing after surgery and not engaging in activities that cause you to sweat during the early recovery phase. While straining will not cause scar tissue these activities can lead to swelling and so thus should be avoided. I know you have asked a few post operative questions regarding sun exposure etc.. on earlier posts.  Each rhinoplasty patient is unique so  I would suggest that you contact your surgeons office and speak with the patient coordinator and review all of the post operative instructions again so you are completely knowledgeable on what your surgeon expects your activities to be based on your procedure.  Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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