Steroid shots following a tertiary Revision Rhinoplasty for swelling/scar tissue for someone who develops scar tissue easily?

I had a 2nd revision rhinoplasty a week ago. My fear is that scar tissue will develop and skew the results of the last procedure. I had developed hard scar tissue following the 1st revision and my profile looked worse at 1 year post-op than immediately after cast removal. Does injection prevent scar from forming or break it down once it has formed? Would it be recommended for someone who develops hard scar tissue easily? I had keloids elsewhere that have responded well to steroid injections.

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Steroid Injections after Revision Rhinoplasty

Dear Back2school, The need of Steroid injections in the tip of the nose to reduce scar tissue or help dissipate scar tissue would be determined by your surgeon. I personally have the need to inject steroids in the nose about once every four or five years and I perform an average of over fifteen rhinoplasty cases a month. When I have injected steroids it was to help reduce swelling and was never used preventatively. Discuss injections with your surgeon and he/she will instruct you of their usage of steroids in patients. Yes you are correct that steroid injections work well in keloid scars however this is comparing apples and oranges. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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