What steps need to be taken with my primary physician if I am considering the Lap band?

I am 25, I weigh in at 360lbs and I'm short. My BMI exceeds 40 indicating that I am a good candidate for the surgery. Furthermore, Diabetes and High blood pressure are present in both sides of family. Are there any initial steps I need to take with my primary Doctor before moving forward?? Any documentation that may be needed? Referral?

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25 y/o bmi>40

Your best option is laparoscopic biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch. You would enjoy more weight loss and most importantly the lowest risk of weight regain given your young age. the surgery has comparable risk to sleeve and gastric bypass and is tolerated quite well. A sleeve will probably not quite get you to a bmi you would be happy with and the risk of weight regain is real, especially in a young patient such as yourself.

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