Spironolactone - Immunity and scars

Hi! Spiro changed my life 2 years ago and I was 100% clear. However, recently my pharmacy changed manufacturers and I broke out. My doctor increased my dosage. Can you become immune to spiro? (I hope not because it changed my life!) Also - I have red marks from where the my two break outs occurred - how long does the pigmentation take till it fades? I've been on the higher dosage for 2 months. Thanks!

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Acne, immunity and spironolactone

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Firstly, immunity is rare following spironolactone - you may have other hormones such as 17 OH progesterone, DHEAS, Prolactin etc... contributing to your acne, and not just androgens. Stress, diet, change of make up- products etc.. can also add to the picture, not to mention genetics. There is often a time lag between taking an increase dose of Spiro, and improvement, up to 3 months, so be patient. As for the red marks from acne (called macular erythema)- this can easily be treated with a vascular laser. See web ref. below. All the best, and be guided by your medical dermatologist. Dr Davin S. Lim. Laser and procedural dermatologist, Brisbane. Australia. 

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