Solution for downward mouth corners? (Photo)

I'm 27 and five years ago I had a chin osteotomy to lengthen the lower part of my face to bring it in proportion to the rest of my face. Since then my oral commissures have been pulled (?) downwards. My mouth corners are sitting right where my bottom teeth start whereas the middle section of my lips is in the right place (where the top and bottom teeth meet). It really bothers me as it looks very unnatural and the rest of my face is young looking. Is there anything that can improve this?

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Solution for downward mouth corners?

As a temporary solution I really like placing 10U of Botox in the DAO muscle. This can create a subtle but improvement in droopy corners of the mouth. In terms of permanent options, a corner of the lip lift works nicely but can create visible scarring on occasion. Best. Stephen Weber MD, FACSDenver Facial Plastic Surgeon

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