Is skintyte one treatment or multiple treatments?

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How many skintyte treatments are needed?

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Skintyte requires multiple treatments.  Expect about 4-5 treatments to see a 50-60% improvement.  If you are interested in having a much more substantial change greater than 60% you should look into other treatment options regarding the areas you would like to address.  Good luck!

Skin Tite versus Thermage

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Skin Tite with BBL requires multiple treatments scheduled one month apart.  I prefer Thermage for skin tightening for most patients since it only requires a single treatment to tighten the jowls, neck, arms, legs, or abdomen.  Please consult an expert in skin tightening.  Best, Dr. Green 


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Skin type requires multiple treatments. However for tightening a newer option is thermi smooth radiofrequency. This can be used anywhere on the body ,shrinks fat and tightens skin. It can be used on thighs ,abdomen, arms, knees and even around the eyes. 

Morris Westfried, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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