Help choosing CC size?

Hello Drs. First of all thank you for your time and answers . I'm 5'2 woman 120 pounds weight I do go to the gym. soon I will be having a Breast Augmentation I'm still deciding between 500ccs or 600 ccs i want them to have a touch of natural look but at the same time big and juicy please don't comment that that's a big implant I know that don't need to tell me that over and over thank you

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Too Big Means More Operations


We can't tell you the obvious so we should just tell you something you want to hear? Which is what? Aside from the obvious, no one can give you a scrap of meaningful information without an examination, or at least high quality photos.  Other than that, if you think that you can choose whatever sized implant you want with out significant complications, you've got it all wrong.

Best of luck!

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Seek your plastic surgeon’s opinion.

For the best results, you should discuss your decision about picking the right breast implant size with your plastic surgeon. He or she can give you an idea of how each size may look with your figure and your lifestyle. You can also use rice sizers at home and the gym to see how each size feels and works with your exercise routine. You may want to delay your breast augmentation until you reach a decision you feel comfortable with.

Ricardo A. Meade, MD
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Help choosing CC size

Hi and thanks for your question - this is one I get asked a lot by women who want a full lush look that appears as though they were born with it.  As you mentioned, a 500-600cc implant is a "big implant," particularly for a petite woman.  Assuming that there is a reasonable base width for your frame that has that volume, the physics of breast augmentation as well as for those born with large breasts nevertheless are the same: gravity always wins.  I would think long and hard about that. There are some surgeons would would happily keep operating you when you develop the complications of having overly large implants, but are you willing to shell out for the expense and time recovering? The implant's "bottoming out" and capsular contracture are two such complications. Mastopexy can only fix so much before you start needing ancillary products like acellular dermal matrix to support the implant after your tissue becomes too thin to support it.   As well, it's a reality that large implants on a petite woman can make her appear top-heavy and fat even.  This phenomenon may not be appreciated if the implant size is not assessed in the context of the full body.    I utilize the VECTRA machine to help a patient visualize how she will look naked with implants. It is a very good approximation and helps assess the asymmetries and irregularities that everyone is born with. That might be a nice option for you to see what you will look like rather than just trying to assess your look with implants stuffed into a sports bra. 

No one is trying to ruin your vision, but it is important you go in with eyes open or else be willing to prophylactically utilize dermal matrix to minimize some of the complications.  Otherwise, you're going to end up with stretched out skin and tissue, drooping implants, and the prospect of having to shell out more money to "fix" it.  Wishing you all the best for a smooth surgery and a look you love afterwards!

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When wanting a 'natural' look

the smaller implant will ALWAYS have a better chance of doing that.  If you want juicy big, then go for it but if you want as natural as possible, you should go with the smaller size, even if it will still look fake to some degree.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Implant Size

Hi Wonderwishes and thank you for your questions. Height and weight are not the only factors to consider whether a certain implant size is "too big" for you. You should seek a couple of consultations from experienced board-certified surgeons to examine you in person. Results vary depending on the dimensions of your breast and your unique anatomy. I wish you the best of luck.

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Help choosing CC size

Choosing between a 500cc and 600cc can be a big difference for a petite women.  You mentioned a touch of natural which means what to you, soft, slightly sloping?  Either size, if your going submuscular you may fine the implants look to high if you naturally are flat with a small breast diameter.  Seek out a experienced PS to help guide you.

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Perfect implants for you

I agree with my colleagues that without examining you and assessing your body type as well as your proportions it would be presumptive of me to choose a size for you. In my practice I take multiple measurements, have you try on sizers, and use Vectra 3D imaging to help my patient make the decision with me. I want you to be perfectly happy with your choice, but at the same time, I need to counsel you on which implants will suit you and which would not. I specialize in big and juicy and my patients want the change to be natural - they want to look and feel fabulous without it being obvious. When choosing an implant, you need to look at the width of your natural breast and the amount of ptosis (sagging breast tissue) you have. Other considerations are how high and tight your breast crease may be and how much I would have to enlarge the pocket in order to accommodate the implant. Then we decide on projection (how much the implant sticks out from your chest). Make sure your plastic surgeon is board certified and able to show you before and after photos of patients who have your similar body type and desired look. That will help you judge whether he/she is the right surgeon for you! I hope this helps. -Dr. Mills.

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Help choosing cc

Thanks for your question. Without knowing your current breast dimensions or seeing pictures, it's impossible to answer your question. With that said, why are you asking "experts" in the field to help you choose the right cc if you don't want them to tell you that you are going way too big? Good luck. 

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Implnat size

The best way to pick implant size is based on your breast and chest width and not the volume. As the implants get bigger, they get wider. When the width of the implant fits the width of your chest, it will look nice and fit your frame. If the implants are too small, you will have a gap between them and they may look too far apart. If they are too wide, they will make you look top heavy as they may be too wide and stick well out past the sides of your chest. There are ways to get a bigger or smaller look.This can be done by picking a different implant profile. The higher the profile, the narrower the base width of the implant. If someone has a very narrow chest and wants to be big, they should consider a higher profile implant. If someone has a broad chest and they do not want to be too big but want to avoid the gap and still have cleavage without projection, they should consider a lower profile implant such as a moderate. There are options in between these such as the moderate plus. I prefer the underarm approach so there is no scar on your breast. The new silicone is the only way to go as far a rippling as the new silicone ripples much less than saline, especially in the larger implants. I personally prefer the smooth round implants under the muscle placed through the under arm to give you the most natural look and feel. This also leaves you no scar o your breast. 
Dr Scott Ennis   

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Help choosing CC size?

You are petite and considering breast implants that are most likely far too large for you.  Of course is your decision but 600-700 cc implants are going to stretcher breast and tissues and in my opinion overwhelm your appearance.  For more incising please read the link below:

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