Is it ok to sit like this after a BBL or is it going to hurt the fat? I'm 10 days post and have sat like this on and off.(photo)

This is one of the few comfortable ways to sit, and it mimics people sitting in inner-tubes and in one particular expensive bed (with the butt area cut out) that can be bought online. So I thought it was fine. My PS was on the fence about it because he never had a patient ask to do this. A friend of mine who had a BBL said this was a really bad idea, and that I am actually putting pressure on the butt by letting it hang like this. I did this for 10 days post (on and off) so I am worried now.

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Sitting after a Brazilian

It's generally a good idea to avoid putting pressure on the treated area and to minimize movement.

This can help a higher percentage of the transferred fat to survive.

In our practice we give a special designed foam pillows used to put the pressure on the back of the thigh's during sitting.

Each plastic surgeon may have a different protocol.

We ask patients to minimize pressure on the treated area for the first three weeks.

Based on your picture it appears you have a pretty good system in place.

Immobilization and avoiding direct pressure for the first few weeks is important though there is little scientific Studies showing the absolute impact of either moment or pressure after a Brazilian.

Check with your doctor to be sure.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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Is it ok to sit like this after a BBL or is it going to hurt the fat? I'm 10 days post and have sat like this on and off.(photo)

I recommend patients to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks for the first two weeks.  Based on the photo, you minimized that pressure so you should be ok.  Follow up with surgeon's post op instructions as well. 

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
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Post BBL sitting

Hello, thanks for sharing your experience, I believe you are doing a good job alternating positions and trying to avoid putting pressure in your treated area. Discuss it with your surgeon and show him/her this image.

Good luck!

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Dr. Jaime Campos-Leon

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Brazilian Butt Lift/ Fat grafting/Liposuction/ High Definition Procedures/Butt Implants

I appreciate your question.

I would recommend that you discuss this question with your surgeon as every surgeon has their own respective post op protocol for his/her patients.  Your surgeon is your best resource as he/she is most familiar with your medical history and how you are healing at this time.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

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Is it ok to sit like this after a BBL or is it going to hurt the fat? I'm 10 days post and have sat like this on and off

I think it is a fun creative way to take a break from standing or laying on your stomach. I don't think you should spend hours in that position as it does make all the swelling go dependent into your buttocks. 

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