Side face view? Jaw implants or chin implants? (photos)

Hello, I have always wanted to improve the looks of my face when looking at it from the side, I am trying to explore my options. I am considering a rhinoplasty and chin implants, or jaw and chin implants. I am nervous and want to know if implants and a rhinoplasty can get my face from the side view looking more similar to these example pictures. Also, my jawline is very hidden, I'm a healthy weight and it's still very nonexistent looking, will jaw implants help this? Thank you

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Improving Profile with Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

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You could nicely improve your profile and overall facial aesthetics with rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. You may also benefit from some sub-mental liposuction and buccal fat pad removal. This would be determined at the time of consultation as your profile view appears to show some fullness in your lower cheek area. I would suggest starting with some consultations aided with digital imaging to show you the proposed changes these procedures would make and how close in proximity these changes would be to your desired photographs above. The video above shows an example of these three procedures on a male patient and the link below many before and after photographs of rhinoplasty results to review. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Side face view? Jaw implants or chin implants?

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 Hi, I have performed many facial shaping procedures over the past 30 years using dermal fillers and/or facial implants (cheek implants, chin implants).  The difference between your face and the models included are the following: Your cheeks are flat (there's are full and round both in front and along the sides), your face has some "baby fat" in front of the cheeks (their faces have no excess fat around the cheeks which increase the cheek definition), your chin is weak (their chins are the proper projection providing balance to the lower face) and finally the posterior portions of your mandible or jaw line is a bit weak (their posterior jaw lines are more prominent).

 Following the beauty principles outlined in my book on face and body beauty, women look the most feminine, youthful and attractive with heart shaped faces.  Heart shaped faces have cheeks that are full and round in the front.  Cheek augmentation with a dermal filler or using cheek implants for a permanent enhancement will create full, round cheeks that will feminize the entire face.  I would combine spot liposuction to create additional definition in the cheeks.

 A weak chin creates an imbalance making the nose appear larger, the mid face top heavy and the lower face look short that de-emphasizes the lips and allows early formation of a double chin.  Chin augmentation using a chin implant will add projection to the chin creating harmony and balance to the lower face.  I have found that placement of a silastic chin implant, through a small curved incision under the chin (also allows excess skin removal) to be very safe, quick, highly effective and far less invasive than a sliding genioplasty.  I perform chin implant surgery in 30 minutes or less, often using a local anesthetic alone.  In my opinion, you are a good candidate for chin implant surgery.

Augmenting the posterior  (back section) of the jawline in women is best accomplished with a dermal filler as jaw implants have too many unwanted side effects in my humble opinion and would make the jaw too masculine.

Hope this helps.

Chin implant can greatly improve side face view

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Of the 3 things you mentioned, I think the improvement would come primarily from a chin implant. Increasing the projection of the chin can greatly improve the balance of the facial features and accent the jawline. The rhinoplasty could offer the second most improvement, and the jaw implants the third, but I do believe that a chin implant would offer great improvement even without the other procedures. 

*Opinions stated are only opinions. They are not based on a clinical exam which is recommended. 

Rhinoplasty and chin implant candidate

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The photographs demonstrate an overly projecting nose with the dorsal hump, and a weak and recessive chin profile. A closed  rhinoplasty procedure can accomplish shaving down the dorsal pump, decreasing the projection of the nos, reducing the hanging columella, and refining the tip and the bridge line with all of the incisions placed on the inside of the nose . A chin implant procedure can help bring the chin forward to help a facial balance and proportions, especially with respect to the nose. Chin implants are manufactured in a large variety of sizes and shapes, however a small Silastic chin implant would be beneficial help balance the side profile. For many before and after examples and more information, please see the link and the video below 


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To create that type of jawline look you need both a chin implant and jaw angle implants. A chin implant alone will not be enough.

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