Is shortening a face by 7 mm a drastic or subtle change? And will it make the face seem rounder?

I'm considering orthognathic surgery (Lefort I + bilateral sagittal osteotomies of mandibular ramus) & my oral surgeon says it will end up shortening my face by 7 mm. Is that considered a subtle change? And will it change my overall face shape from oval to round?

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Facial Shortening

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A 7mm reduction in vertical facial height can make a significant change. Depending upon your current facial height such a change would not be considered 'subtle'. Wether that will change the shape of your face from oval to round depends on what your face looks like now and can not be determined by just the number alone.

Shotening the face by 7mm

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In general, when performed correclty,  orthognathic surgery improves facial balance and improves function. Correcting the underlying facial bone deformity should give you a more balanced appearance. Depending upon what measurements are used, a 7mm vertical difference may have no difference on the overall vertical dimension of your forehead to chin. As an example, a patient that presents to my office with a "gummy" smile will undergo a vertical reduction and the upper jaw moved upward until the gummy smile is eliminated. This may be anywhere between 5-9mm. In only rare cases, is the height of the chin ever reduced. Overall, it sounds like your surgeon is giving you a sound treatment plan.  Good luck.

Michael P. Morrissette, DDS
Ventura Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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