Short teeth roots & braces

I want braces because I have a crooked tooth and my self esteem is low because of it. The dentist said that my teeth have short roots and that there is a good chance my teeth might fall out if I get braces. I've heard that braces naturally make your roots shorter which is why they suggest not doing it because I already have short roots! Do you suggest I don't get braces or not? Is there a good chance my teeth fall out?

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Short teeth roots & braces

Hi,Yes the braces are moving the teeth and straightening, depends how much the teeth move , more recession and bone loss braces can cause. Question for you would be how crooked are your teeth? a lot?If you have very short teeth, again, yes, braces might make your roots even more compromised.However, we have to do thoroughul examination X-rays et cetera, we can check everything and hopefully can fix your teeth.
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