Septum healing? (Photo)

I asked earlier what grows between the septum after removing the cartilage to which everyone said nothing grows, but there has to be something scar tissue or something. Also I came across a study on adult rabbits that had septum take out, and after 7 months an extremely thin translucent mucosal layer with living chondrocytes was found. How can that be possible if you say cartilage doesn't grow. It has to grow on some extent, possibly not visible by the human eye or takes decades to become thick.
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Septal healing

Lab studies in animal such as rabbits and cats do not really reflect healing in humans which is not as good as these lab animals. I do not think any septum regenerates after cartilage removal

Septoplasty ad removal of cartilage

After removing cartilage the two mucosal layers heal together.  There is no regeneration of the cartilage. 

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