Sensitive and Freckle prone skin after laser?

I've been wanting to do a freckle/sun spot removal treatment on my arms, chest and upper back. I was thinking IPL as it covers a larger area and I have A LOT of freckles on my body that I would like gone. My question is whether or not my skin will be more sensitive to the sun after the treatment? Obviously I would always wear sun block (I already do) but I am an active person and sometimes getting some sun exposure is inevitable! I'm Caucasian but I don't burn easily.

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Sensitivity after IPL

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Thank you for your question emmylouu. IPL is a great treatment to address freckles and sun damage. It can be used on the face and the body. For my patients I recommend avoiding sun exposure and tanning for two weeks prior to the treatment. Same for a week or two after a treatment as the skin will be sensitive. If the treatment is done on the body, usually clothing can protect the skin. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. We are happy to offer free consultations in our office. Good luck!

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freckles always come back even with large spread IPL treatments. I find that fraxel does more for antiaging.  Yes any laser or IPL treatments make the skin more sensitive in the sun.  I suggest a formal consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist.

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