Does this look like a scar post CO2 laser resurfacing? If so, what should be done about it?

I had fractional co2 and erbium on my upper and lower eyelids 2 weeks ago. I've noticed a thin red mark under one eye. It appears raised under the light. Is it a scar? How should it be treated?

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Scarring After CO2 Laser

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This could be a hypertrophic scar or another condition of the skin that needs to be repaired quickly on that area. Id suggest seeing a co2 laser expert or your physician.  I would treat this with steroid creams and pulsed dye laser for now.  If you prevent the scarring you can treat it later with nonablative fractional lasers without any issues. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Laser resurfacing

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Thanks for the question catreal09 !

Erythema (redness) after laser resurfacing is very common at two weeks, and can take several weeks/months to settle completely.  However, I tend to let my patients apply make-up once the areas are fully healed so the erythema is hardly noticeable.
You have to remember that essentially you have had a partial thickness burn on your skin and as such it needs time to recover.  It is very important to avoid strong sunlight at this point in time.

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