Scar columella very visible. (photos)

I had four previous nose jobs and now my scar coumnela has a very visible depression. It can be fixed? :(. Thanks. For me is very important because I work with my image.

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Visible Columellar Scar after Rhinoplasty

Your scar can be revised with a relatively minor procedure under local anesthesia. Hopefully this is the only criticism you have after multiple procedures.

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Rhinoplasty and columellar scar revision

In rhinoplasty, the columellar scar is the number one indicator whether someone had an external or endonasal approach to the nose. When I perform an open rhinoplasty (external approach), I spend a lot of time planning and closing the columellar incision to make the scar as unnoticeable as possible. 
Revising a scar depends on a few factors.1. Shape of the scar. Asymmetric shapes may require more tissue to be removed.2. Location of the scar. Scars at the very top or bottom of the columella are complicated to revise and may never look normal.3. Skin tension. If the rhinoplasty really put the skin on stretch, it is also more difficult to revise a scar. 
Some may be revised in the office with a numbing injection. Others may need to go to the operating room. 

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Fixing the obvious columellar scar?

Yes your columellar scar can be repaired under local anesthesia. The scar is the easiest part of a rhinoplasty and you should have a an excellent result. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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