Ruined results of Vaser with breast aug swelling? (Photo)

I had vaser liposuction 18 days ago, I began to see results after just three days, I could see definition and after one week looked great.. See picture.. I then had a breast augmentation 9 days ago.. Ever since I have looked very swollen and the stomach area looks lumpy and uneven .. It looks completely different! I don't see any definition anymore. Is this normal? I understand I should expect swelling because of the breast Aug.. But have I ruined my results?! Also very strange lump below belly button

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Swelling After Liposuction And Breast Augmentation

Swelling after liposuction and breast augmentation is normal. Expect swelling from liposuction to resolve significantly by 6-8 weeks after surgery and to reach a final result anywhere from 6-12 months. Breast augmentation done within 2 weeks will contribute to the initial swelling from your liposuction and add on to the recovery time. Share your concerns with your surgeon and reassess at around 8-12 weeks after surgery.

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VASER Hi Definition Liposuction / Body Contouring with Fat Grafting

VASER takes months to see the final outcome especially if a hi definition procedure was done.  You need lymphatic massage, hyperbaric oxygen and RF treatments at the early post operative phase to ensure the results stay. I suggest you see an expert, you are liely very swollen and you have to ensure you do not have a seroma.  Best, Dr. Emer

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