Are there risks or side effects associated with FemTouch?

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Side Effects of FemTouch

Most of our patients do not experience any side effects with FemTouch. The effects that have been reported are generally mild and include discharge, irritation or light spotting after the procedure.

FemTouch side effects

There are very few side effects or risks associated with the FemTouch laser procedure. Typically patients will experience a slight discharge and possible some mild staining, but often patients have no side effects at all. We have not had any complications whatsoever as a result of the procedure.


We have zero problems so far with the FemTouch. Patients report better vaginal lubrication, better bladder control and significant improvement in sexual response

Post Treatment - FemTouch

The FemTouch device is incredibly safe when performed by a trained professional. Typically the side-effects of FemTouch are mild discharge for approximately 2 -3 days. Furthermore, patients should refrain from intercourse for one week. There is little to no pain during the procedure itself. It is important to note that the ultimate benefits of the treatment are no experienced until after the second or third treatment.

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Portsmouth Physician
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