What are the risks of paranasal augmentation with an implant?

My nose base and the lines right next to it are very sunken naturally even though I'm young. I know I would benefit from paranasal augmentation and I prefer to do a more permanent solution that is hard/more like bone rather than fillers. What risks does it carry? I'm uneasy with putting fake things in my face because I've heard about things like silicone nose implants getting infected and ruining the nose, or migrating. Can a paranasal implant be easily removed?

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Paranasal implants

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It sounds A little bit like you are looking for information about a piriform  implant.   This is this and that fits over the entrance of the nose and is used in a lot of rhinoplasty's in particular Asian rhinoplasty. It essentially Lifts the midface and base of the nose forward and up.  It can get infected but both that and migration is rare.  Silicon implants are the easiest to remove.  You can also use MedPore and bone grafts from the hip, tibia or skull.  Of course that's getting a little extreme probably but those are your options if I understand your question.

Chase Lay, MD

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