How can I get rid of gummy smile? (photos)

I was looking at photos before I had braces and my gums did not show when I smiled. Now my gums show a lot when I smile and I am wondering how this could have changed from braces and if it can be fixed with braces.

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Your smile and clear aligners!

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Thanks for sending  your question about your smile. It can be improve with the use of clear aligners. By realigning the teeth we can enhance the effect of your teeth vs your gums, which gives your smile more symmetry. We treat smiles likes your routinely, and we use the iTero scanner to show patients how the teeth can move which is a good communication tool for the planning of the treatment.

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It can be fixed :-)

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Hello and thank you for posting your question. I would have to see you for a complimentary consultation to give you an exact answer as to how we can fix the gummy smile, but the good news, is that there are solutions!I will take photos and x-rays as well do a visual exam to determine the proper method of treatment and more importantly how to keep it there for a lifetime. Look forward to meeting you!

Mahtab Partovi, DDS
Los Angeles Orthodontist

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