How can you tell that if rib grafts in the nose survive?

Hello. I just had rhinoplasty with rib grafts to augment my nasal bridge and make my nose tip pointer about 2 months ago. I am very happy with my results as my nose is taller and pointer. However, I don't know if the rib grafts survive, and I am really worried that they might die and be absorbed. So how can you tell that if the rib grafts survive? Thanks!

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Rhinoplasty and Rib graft survival

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Rib grafts can be useful in rhinoplasty. It also adds a level of complexity to the procedure. There are two types of rib grafts: autologous (your own living cartilage) and cadaveric (non-living cartilage)
Unless there was a problem with infection or the skin healing, autologous cartilage survival shouldn't be a problem. If there is cartilage absorption, then the shape of the nose would change on the outside. 
I recommend you ask your own surgeon regarding the cartilage and keep all follow-up appointments to make sure you stay on track through the healing process. Safety comes first. 

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Rib grafts

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Thank you for the question and it would be extremely unusual to resorb the grafts particularly this early post op plus you would see a change in your nose
Dr Corbin

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