Rib cartilage used for 2nd rhinoplasty revision all along nose and tip. Am I at extra risk for infection or warping?

I had rib cartilage rhinoplasty (3rd surgery, first with rib) and alot of rib was used on dorsum, bridge and tip. I am worried of warping or infection. Do either of these present any early warning signs? Especially infection as it was used on my tip. Also if an infection happens dpes that mean your nose will be severely messed up. By messed up I mean changed forever (skin deformity etc) even with revision.

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There is always a risk of infection in surgery, slightly higher with grafting and even higher with artificial material. Still, infection would be the exception. A severe infection could indeed wreak havoc on your nasal tissues but since this is highly unlikely concentrate on looking forward to the positive changes you will be seeing in the weeks/months to come.

Rib cartilage and infection

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Infection is always a risk, but not that common with autologous tissue. Signs include redness, fever, pain, and drainage.  Best of luck.

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New York Plastic Surgeon
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