Need revision rhinoplasty soon? (Photos)

I had an open rhino 2 months ago and it was the worst decision ever . My nose looks too pointy and thin and my bone is nearly gone, it makes my eyes look too apart I just look ridiculous and it looks way too fake. I´ve cried every day for the past 3 weeks. I know its too soon to tell how its going to look because of the swelling but thats what worries me the most it will only get smaller and look more fake. I feel really self conscious. How soon can I get revision with another surgeon obviously

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Dear adrianagr, I do see your concerns at this time however you are early in the recovery phase and you will see some swelling dissipate in your tip in the coming months. I do not think that as the swelling dissipates this is going to drastically change your profile view and if you desire a more natural looking result you will likely need to consider revision surgery in ten months. Know that this can be corrected so try and keep relaxed and let the recovery process take its course and then have some secondary opinions regarding options for revision if you remain unhappy with your result. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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At 2 months after the rhinoplasty, there is swelling and the scar tissue it is still hard. The patient needs to wait around 12 months, before doing a secondary procedure. It is important to see how the final result will be, and then make a plan on what corrections will be needed to fix the problem.

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Revision rhinoplasty timing?

your nose is still swollen and you should wait at least another six months for an evaluation. So you can rest assured this can be corrected if you're not happy at that time.  Continue monitoring your nose with your surgeon and in six months if dissatisfied have a secondary opinion by a very experienced revision rhinoplasty specialist. 

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Revision #Rhinoplasty Options

You nose is swollen at this moment and still healing. However, the nose will likely get smaller and more defined with time. If you did not want that type of change then why did you have a rhinoplasty? You nose still looks fuller than your pre-op which is concerning as to your goals. Be patient with your recovery, as things will change. That being said, you should wait until the swelling is completely resolved before look to undergo another surgery. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for failure. 

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Open rhinoplasty

You have valid concerns.  However, the nose undergoes significant changes after a rhinoplasty up until about a year.  This is especially true with an open rhinoplasty.  The wideness of the tip will go down considerably more and intervening at this stage would only cause problems.  You will have a much better idea at 6 months.  Best wishes.

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Revision rhinoplasty

You are correct in your assessments but until the healing is complete, it is not advisable to do another surgery as it may complicate the result. There  is always hope but you will need to be patient in order to get a good result. There are various procedures that can be done in future revision if needed. Nose goes through changes during this healing time and could look better later on. Best

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