Retinol Vitamin A effects on skin and hair?

I've heard that products containing Retinol Vitamin A work well in getting rid of forehead wrinkles since they promote the sloughing off of dead skin cells. I've also heard that this turnover of cells can cause hair loss in men. I take Propecia to treat MPB, I want to get rid of my wrinkles (instead of just covering them up with a moisturizer) and I'm wondering if I can safely apply a Retinol Vitamin A product to the skin of my forehead or will it possibly cause hair loss at my hairline? Thanks.

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Retinol and Retin-A Hairloss

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The answer to this question is that no one knows for certain the roles Vitamin A derivatives (Retin-A and retinols)  have on hair loss.  There are some physicians who advocate the use of Vitamin A derivatives as a treatment for hairloss in combination with minoxidil while others recommend avoidance.  In addition, oral Vitamin A derivatives such as Accutane can create hair loss.  Consult with your physician for more information applicable to your situation and personal physiology.

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Retin A

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HiRetin A proves very effective in treating fine lines, I have not herd or experienced before any hair loss from the product. You can be assured this is not a usual side effect.Kind regards

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