Replacing porcelain veneer options, please advice.

Hi I recently asked a question regarding replacing my porcelain veneers with prepless veneers which I was told isn't possible. My problem is I don't want anymore tooth structure removed what are my options at this point? my teeth were small to begin with but I only got veneers once. can lumineers , vivaneers or composite veneers work or anything else?

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Replacing veneers

If your teeth were prepared or tooth structure was taken away for your current veneers then you cannot get "prepless" veneers. However, removing old veneers is very common and does not require removal of more tooth structure if that is your concern. If your original veneers were "prepless" then it is possible. I do not recommend going from porcelain to composite veneers. You'll notice the finish is not as glossy and they stain a bit more easily. Good luck!

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Can I replace porcelain veneers with prep less porcelain veneers?

How much preparation was done on your teeth for your current porcelain veneers?  What do you not like about your present veneers?  Are they too bulky?  Do you just want a different color?  Do you not like the shape?  If you had little to no preparation for your current veneers, they may be bulky.  By carefully removing them, you would still virtually have a prep less veneer, since little to no tooth structure will have been removed.  If you had significant reduction of tooth structure in preparation for your present veneers, then I understand your concern.  If this is the case, the current porcelain veneers could be partially removed, leaving your underlying tooth structure untouched.  The new preparation would create space for a thinner veneer to be bonded to the remaining porcelain from your current veneers.  The new veneers would be bonded to porcelain instead of enamel, and this bond is not as strong.  This type of procedure must be done meticulously to succeed, but it can be done in some instances.  Because all preparation would be in porcelain, no shots or anesthetic would be required.  Your existing condition and your goals for your new veneers would need to be evaluated to see if you would be a good candidate for this procedure.

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Porcelain veneeers

I just finished a case which matches your description. I replaced 10 upper veneers with no drilling and shaving of the tooth. We just removed the veneers carefully and placed thin no prep veneers. This can be achieved with the right planing and lab technician.

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Porcelain veneers

Do you already have Veneers?  If so, then your teeth has been prepped and it shouldn't be a problem to redo your veneers.  You can choose any material you like.  Just make sure an experienced cosmetic dentist removes your old veneers and replace them for you.

Replacing veneers

Please explain why ou want to replace your conventional veneers.While you have already had your teeth prepared and can not have prepless veneers, your traditional veneers could be removed very carefully without removing any additional tooth structure and any material could be used for the new ones  including lumineers, emax or vivaneer porcelain. I would not recommend composite.

Replacing porcelain veneers

I saw your question the other day and I believe both doctors addressed it very well. Once you have traditional porcelain veneers you can't go back to a prep-less type of veneer. I suggest you get a second opinion if you don't have the confidence that your current dentist will be very cautious removing the old veneers. It may or may not be necessary to remove tooth structure before the new veneers are made. This will depend on decay or what is present under the old veneers. In dentistry you often pay more for experience and training of the dentist, but it will be worth it in the final product. 

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Hello there,
Traditional veneers can not be removed and replaced with prepless veneers and I would not recommend replacing your porcelain veneers with composite veneers. Composite veneers are not as durable and stain easily. If you are unhappy with your current veneers, they can easily be replaced. The removal process will require the removal of little to no additional tooth structure. No need to worry! Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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