Does removing redundant mucosa help tighten the skin at the columella?

Had small in office tweak to raise small 1 mm droop of columella between the caudal end and tip. Dr chose to remove redundant mucosa to tighten this subtle droop he said the removed mucosa would scar up tightening loose skin at columella vs fixating droop to septum as he said it may be pulled to high. Month later swollen, but the columella is slightly improved but not as flush as wanted. Dr said it will take a few months to see final result. Can you elaborate on this technique and tightning?

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Excess columellar show

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Excess columellar show, whether you were born with it or developed it after a rhinoplasty, can be categorized as either mild to severe. In mild cases, only cartilage needs to be stabilized, trimmed and manipulated whereas in severe cases, excess mucosa needs to be trimmed. Trimming mucosa on its own and expecting a long-term result is generally inadequate.  

I hope this helps and good luck to you.

Dr Haworth 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Excision of columellar skin redundancy

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Excision of columellar skin is needed when your nasal tip is set back, for example when you shorten the nasal length, etc. When this is done, the columellar skin will bunch up and thus small excision of this skin can prevent bunching; however, to think that excision of this redundant skin will affect any change in tip or columellar position is naive; excision of the redundant skin will in no way affect the position of structures as these are stabilized by much more rigid internal structures.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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Columellar show

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Thank you for your question.

Without photos it is not possible to give you a recommendation.   There are several reasons for "columellar show".  This can be due to a hanging columella because of protruding medial crura , excess caudal septum  , excess mucosa ,  or actually a retracted alar rim.  The diagnosis is fairly straightforward and the treatment depends on the cause.  In some cases,  excising the excess mucosa can raise the columella. 

David F. LaPatka, MD
Santa Barbara Facial Plastic Surgeon
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